Having a large house and a good AC system are both blessings. However, it’s hard to enjoy anything when the temperatures have risen and certain parts of your home aren’t cooling. Your system might be working great in some rooms, but you didn’t invest in this system so that you could be comfortable only partially. The following are some ways you can fix uneven cooling in your home.

1. Get a Zoning System

Having to cover an entire home is a lot to demand of one cooling system. To better optimize your HVAC, you should install a zoning system. With a zoning system, you can control how different rooms are cooled. This can help a lot if you want to keep some rooms cool, like your upstairs bedroom, and some a bit warmer, such as the living room. Everyone in the family will be able to choose a setting that’s best for each of his or her bedrooms. You just need to make sure that nobody is going over the agreed upon limits for cooling various rooms.

2. Tackle Air Leaks

Air leaks may be a big reason why your house is experiencing uneven cooling. When there are holes in your ducts, the air that was supposed to circulate around your home can end up being wasted. Bring in a technician to inspect your ducts and see if there are any places that could stand to be patched up. Even a little hole could be costing you a lot. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. can take a look at your vents and help you with repairs.

3. Disable Auto Mode

The auto feature of the fan for a thermostat might seem convenient and well-designed. However, it could turn off before your house feels properly cooled and habitable. More consistent cooling can be achieved by switching your thermostat to “on.” This way, you can keep cooling your home until you’re comfortable.

At Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., we know that staying cool is the best way to keep your cool. If you’re having any issues with your home’s AC system, including uneven cooling, please give us a call today. We’re available to handle all heating- and cooling-related issues in Naples and Marco Island. That includes repairs, installation, maintenance, indoor air quality, water source heat pumps, and more.