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An excessively high humidity level in your home can cause a number of problems. Excess condensation and wet spots on your windows, walls, and ceilings can give way to problematic mold growth. You may also notice a musty smell with the emergence of mildew, which can aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Too much […]

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The HVAC system of any home in The Naples, Bonita Springs, or Marco Island, FL, areas is very important as it helps to ensure the property will remain comfortable all year. Due to this, maintaining your system is critical. For those who have pets in their home, there are additional maintenance and care tips that […]

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The Naples and Marco Island region attracts many beach lovers. However, the downside to living on the Gulf Coast is the humid environment. When moisture infiltrates a home, the result is a musty, old smell. This is especially common in older houses and those that are not properly insulated. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate […]

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Air conditioners rely on many different parts to operate efficiently. When homeowners hear the word “parts,” they might think of coils, wires, condensers, and more. The air filter might become overlooked and taken for granted. Doing so would be a mistake, considering how vital the filter is. An air conditioner can now operate without a […]

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Choosing the right fan for your home is important for saving energy and minimizing your summer cooling bills. In general, the bigger a fan is, the more effective it is at creating the breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable in your home. At Accurate Comfort Services, we can help you choose the right […]

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It goes without saying that the HVAC system in your home is extremely important. Your family relies on it functioning properly. Unfortunately, most homeowners take their systems for granted and wait too long to get them replaced. When you need your HVAC the most, then you can almost count on that being the time that […]

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Many homeowners are concerned with air purity in their homes. Did you know that the air inside most homes is more polluted than the air outside? Poor air quality in the home can lead to both short-term and chronic health issues. One way to improve the quality of air in your home is to use […]

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As a responsible homeowner, you should do all you can to keep your property safe. In many cases, it’s what you keep out of your home that’s just as important as what you allow in your home. One thing you definitely want to keep out of your home is carbon monoxide. This substance can cause […]

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The Florida climate rarely necessitates the need for you to heat your home, but there are times when outdoor temperatures drop. Because you use your heating system so infrequently, you may wonder how it works. Here are how the four primary components of a heating system work together to keep your home warm. 1. Generate […]

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Poor indoor air quality can make it harder to breathe, can cause damage to your home, and can make your home less efficient. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to take steps to get rid of pollen, smoke, or other particles in the air. Breathe Easier When the Air Is Clean If you […]