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The Naples and Marco Island region attracts many beach lovers. However, the downside to living on the Gulf Coast is the humid environment. When moisture infiltrates a home, the result is a musty, old smell. This is especially common in older houses and those that are not properly insulated. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate […]

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Air conditioners rely on many different parts to operate efficiently. When homeowners hear the word “parts,” they might think of coils, wires, condensers, and more. The air filter might become overlooked and taken for granted. Doing so would be a mistake, considering how vital the filter is. An air conditioner can now operate without a […]

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Choosing the right fan for your home is important for saving energy and minimizing your summer cooling bills. In general, the bigger a fan is, the more effective it is at creating the breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable in your home. At Accurate Comfort Services, we can help you choose the right […]

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As the temperatures spike and AC systems start running harder, people start looking for every way possible to save on energy bills. One of the most common suggestions people give is shutting vents in rooms you do not use. Is this concept really true? Here are some things you need to know about the idea […]

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Making your home energy efficient is not just for those who wish to save the environment, it can also help your wallet through savings. It is fortunate that you are living in an era that is dominated by innovations and technologies that make life more efficient. Other than savings other reasons to make your home […]

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Water source heat pumps are a sustainable renewable energy solution that uses flowing or static water as their heat source. Their efficiency and lower carbon footprint have seen them gain popularity in the recent past. Here are some reasons why you should choose a water source heat pump: High efficiency Compared to other heat pumps, […]

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Pool heaters can be classified into heat pumps, solar, and gas heaters. Each of the heaters above accomplishes its purpose, but heat pumps are considered the most efficient.  A pool heat pump runs on electrical power, but its ability to use sun-warmed air makes it an efficient heating unit. Although it uses electricity to operate […]

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The winter months are a host to a range of problems, from clogged noses to chapped lips. The stark temperature change causes humidity levels to significantly decrease, sometimes more than they’re supposed to. Luckily, these worries can easily be resolved with a home humidifier. Take a look at these top reasons you should have a humidifier in […]

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There are three types of heat pumps including water source, air-to-air, and geothermal.  They use the water, air or the ground surrounding your home to operate.  The heat between your home and the air outside is used with air-source systems. When using a geothermal (ground or water-source) heat pump, the Earth’s thermal energy is used […]

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With hurricane season in full swing, many homeowners are asking what extra steps can be taken to protect the home and other assets. One of the biggest and most important assets, when you live in a hot climate like Florida, is your heating and cooling system. Many home cooling systems sit outside the home, leaving them […]