With hurricane season in full swing, many homeowners are asking what extra steps can be taken to protect the home and other assets. One of the biggest and most important assets, when you live in a hot climate like Florida, is your heating and cooling system. Many home cooling systems sit outside the home, leaving them prone to damage when high winds and stormy weather roll through the area. However, there are a few simple steps you can take as part of your regular hurricane preparation checklist to keep your home cooling system safe.

1. Have Regular Cooling System Maintenance Done 

          Regular AC maintenance from a qualified professional will help you anticipate any problems with the unit and keep the cooling system operating at full capacity. Regular checks of the system can prevent costly emergencies due to burnt out or damaged parts. Your maintenance provider can also give you tips on how to protect the unit as a storm approaches. 

2. Bolt Your Unit Down

Using straps to bolt your HVAC unit to the ground will help keep it secure no matter how intense the wind and storms become. 

3. Invest in Surge Protection 

A surge protector is well worth the investment to protect your unit from getting overloaded with energy should a lightning strike hit your home or the area around it. In addition to protecting your cooling unit, surge protection can limit damage to other electronics, such as televisions and computers.

4. Cover Your Unit 

Placing a cover over the top of your unit helps to keep any falling debris from entering, such as leaves, branches or dirt. It can also stop small animals, like rodents and snakes, from entering the unit to seek refuge from the storm. 

5. Turn The Unit Off

           In the run-up to a storm, many people will run the unit excessively to try and cool the home in case they lose power over the coming days. This can actually lead to more problems if the unit gets overworked or becomes damaged due to storm debris. The best plan as a storm approaches is to cover the unit and turn it off. This will stop any debris from getting inside the unit and clogging it. 

If you need expert help getting ready for stormy weather, contact the professionals at Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. We will be happy to assist you in keeping your family safe and cool.