Now is the time to get your home cooling system ready for the hot season, before Naples’ summer heat strikes. First, you can start the summer and save a bundle by scheduling a home performance evaluation. For extra savings, here are three go-green, reliable tips for cutting down on your monthly energy bill:

Use Trees to Shade Your HVAC Condenser

Plant shade-producing foliage on the side of the house where the HVAC condenser is installed. When planted on the south and west sides of your abode, these beautiful quick growing trees will increase your energy conservation:

Royal Empress Tree: This gorgeous flower-bearing tree grows an average of 15 feet per year. In addition to being great summer shade producers, the Royal Empress sports massive leaves that act as air filters, transforming air pollution into clean breathable air. Easy to care for, this hardwood tree is hardy and lasts to a ripe old age.

Willow Hybrid: A perfect screen to block the sun’s penetrating rays, the Willow Hybrid grows six feet per year, topping out at 60 feet in height. Moreover, this lush green tree is drought tolerant and can thrive in soggy soil conditions making it perfect for tropical Florida weather.

Eucalyptus Tree: Besides the cost-cutting shade, homeowners love the unbelievably aromatic Eucalyptus for its year-round beauty. Known for its attractive peeling bark, this perennially green tree grows six feet per year. Another drought tolerant tree, the Eucalyptus adds property value for homeowners who plant them.

Minimize The Sun’s Effects On Your HVAC

Well-informed homeowners use a variety of tricks to lessen the summer heat in their home naturally. In Florida, with the lovely tropical weather that draws tourists from around the world, the heat is infamous and a well-maintained HVAC system is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Try these green tips to reduce the indoor temperature of your home:

— Keep curtains, blinds, shades and shutters closed during the hottest parts of the day. At night, open windows to let in fresh cooler air.

— Use reflective window tint to repel much of the heat from the sun.

— Insulate HVAC ductwork, especially in unconditioned areas such as hidden crawlspaces.

–Equip your home with a programmable thermostat, which limits energy use while you are away.

Schedule An HVAC Home Performance Evaluation

An integral part of HVAC maintenance is having a skilled technician come out and evaluate your equipment’s condition and performance. Whether you opt for a maintenance service agreement or a one-time visit, the friendly team at Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., can help you minimize your monthly energy bill. Beat Naples’ soaring tropical summer heat by scheduling an HVAC energy checkup today.