A warm home on a cold winter evening is a great thing. What’s even better? A warm home filled with clean, comfortable, quality air that is healthy for you. The following is a look at four ways you can improve your indoor air quality.

Go Green With Potted Plants

Adding plants to your home can provide you with nourishing oxygen and reduce carbon monoxide levels – and much more. In fact, research done by NASA has shown that some common house plants – such as spider plants, peace lilies, snake plants, and so on – are effective at removing three main pollutants – benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

NASA also recommends in order to achieve the maximum indoor air quality benefit, use a ratio of one plant per 100 square feet of indoor space.

Air Purifiers

Including an air purifier is another way to help maintain proper indoor air quality. These work by filtering out or neutralizing air contaminants. Portable types can be moved from room to room in your home to provide supplemental air purification.

Whole home air purifiers are installed directly into your home’s heating system to clean the air before it enters your home. These types offer two benefits. First, they provide you with cleaner air throughout your entire home. Second, by removing harmful particulates before they enter your heating system, they can actually help extend the service life of your system by reducing build-up in your system.


It is also important to maintain the proper amount of humidity in your home. The EPA says that your home’s humidity level should maintained between 30 and 50 percent during the winter months to prevent a number of problems including dry, itchy skin; colds and infections due to a drying of your mucus membranes; and an assortment of other issues such as nosebleeds, eye irritation, and chapped lips.

An added benefit to maintaining the proper amount of moisture in your air is that you can actually save money on your heating bills. The moisture in the air can make you feel warmer at a lower temperature, saving you money.


Ensuring that you have the proper amount of ventilation in your home is also extremely important. When you’re cooking, make sure you turn the fan on above your stove to exhaust the fumes. When you shower, turn the fan on to exhaust the excess moisture. Doing so makes it more difficult for harmful bacteria and mold to cultivate.

Another way to get proper ventilation is to install a ventilation unit directly into your home’s heating system. These units can move much more air than your bathroom or stove exhaust fans. Additionally, there are energy efficient models called energy recovery ventilators, or ERVs, that help you to recycle the energy you’ve used to heat your home, saving you from having to continually reheat the air.


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