Springtime is here in Marco Island, FL, which means that it is time for a tune up for the air conditioner. An air conditioner tune up ensures that the system will work as efficiently and effectively as possible throughout the entire summer season. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Accurate Comfort Air Conditioning offer these five tips to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming warm weather months.

Change the Air Filter

Keeping the HVAC system’s air filter clean is essential for its efficient and effective operation. The air filter also plays the leading role in indoor air quality. A dirty air filter makes the air conditioning system work harder than it needs to, resulting in excess wear, tear and energy costs. A dirty air filter also makes for dirty indoor air.

Check the Condensate Pipe

Check to make sure the condensate pipe is connected to a drain. If the pipe is not connected to a drain, you may find a flood in the basement or utility room from the dripping water that results from each cooling cycle. Also be sure that the pipe is not obstructed from algae growth, as an obstruction could result in the water going back into the mechanical system and causing damage.

Clean Around the Unit

Inside the home, remove any boxes or other items that were placed near the air handler. Outside, cut back any overgrown foliage and remove any debris like branches that might have fallen during winter storms. Doing this will improve the system’s airflow and prevent problems like overheating.

Check the Thermostat

During the winter, the thermostat may have been set to heating functions. Change it over to the cooling option for spring and summer weather conditions. You might also need to update the system’s schedule and temperature settings. To be sure that each room receives even cooling, make sure that all vents are opened.

Schedule a Spring Tune-Up

Scheduling a spring tune up with a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer like us ensures that your system will get the best service available. If it is time for your HVAC system to be replaced, we carry the full line of Carrier heating and cooling systems. Our technicians have proven their level of excellence in customer service, maintenance, repairs and installations, which are required in order to achieve the factory authorized dealer designation.

At Accurate Comfort Services, we take pride in offering helpful professional advice for getting the most out of your HVAC system. We perform all of the services that a Marco Island home or business owner needs to achieve and maintain a comfortable home or building. From maintenance and new system installations to middle of the night emergency repairs, we are here to serve. We look forward to helping you have an energy efficient HVAC system.