The winter months are a host to a range of problems, from clogged noses to chapped lips. The stark temperature change causes humidity levels to significantly decrease, sometimes more than they’re supposed to. Luckily, these worries can easily be resolved with a home humidifier. Take a look at these top reasons you should have a humidifier in your humble abode:

Reduces the Risk of Illness

Feeling a cough or runny nose coming on? It’s likely due to the dry winter air. Humidifiers restore moisture into dry air, soothing any type of dryness or irritation that may be present in your sinuses. Additionally, humidifiers can eliminate viruses and bacteria that typically thrive in the winter months.

Treats Dry Skin

On top of dried out nasal passages, overly dry skin isn’t pleasant for anyone. A lack of moisture in the air will make your skin prone to rapid aging and flaking, and you’ll likely have to deal with chapped lips. A humidifier can keep these problems at bay. Keep a humidifier running, and you’ll enjoy a dewy and glowing complexion.

Helps Your Houseplants

Ever notice how your favorite plant tends to wilt in the wintertime? Low humidity levels strip plenty of moisture from potted soil. Thankfully, a humidifier can bring your plants back to a healthy life. Not only will your humidifier impurify the air, but your plants, too.

Promotes Better Sleep

Dry winter air doesn’t make for a comfortable sleep setting … and a snoring partner doesn’t either. When a humidifier brings moisture back into your bedroom, you’ll feel better prepared to catch Zs. Furthermore, your snoring partner will have cleaner sinuses, so they’ll be able to comfortably breathe through their nose. It’s a win-win situation.

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