When it comes time to replace the HVAC system in your home, it is worth the time to do plenty of research to make sure you make the best possible choice. Because HVAC systems come in so many sizes, types and configurations, the decision process can be time consuming and confusing. This buying guide offers guidance on making the best choice for your comfort needs and your budget.

Heating Systems

When your heating system needs replacement, you can buy just a furnace or a heat pump or you might consider purchasing a packaged system that also includes cooling equipment. Furnaces operate on either natural gas, geothermal power or electricity. Natural gas furnaces are the most common and most energy efficient choice. Furnaces can also be used as a backup to a heat pump. Heat pumps transfer heat from one environment to another, functioning as split systems that both heat and cool a home without the need for separate components.

Cooling Systems

When cooling equipment needs to be replaced, most people choose a central air conditioning system. Traditional air conditioners rely upon a home’s duct work to deliver cooled and dehumidified air. Another option is a ductless cooling system. These systems have an outdoor unit similar to that of a traditional system, but the indoor equipment consists of tubing and a wall mounted fan and control system. Ductless systems allow for different temperature zones to be set up throughout the house.

Combined HVAC Systems

When both heating and cooling is needed, many homeowners invest in a split system that will perform both functions. A split system works well in moderate environments for providing energy efficient and effective home heating and cooling. With a flip of a switch or a press of a button on the thermostat, the combined system can switch from the cooling function to heating.

Factors to Consider

Not all homes are created alike, nor are heating and cooling systems. The best choice for your home could be different from that of your neighbor. Factors to consider include:

  • System capacity. A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer can help determine the right capacity of HVAC system needed for consistent and efficient home heating and cooling.
  • The features of the house, including type and number of windows, type of roof, multi or single story, amount of insulation, orientation to the sun and the number of occupants.
  • Desire for energy efficiency.
  • Whether or not the home has existing ductwork.
  • Local electricity and natural gas rates.
  • Budget for equipment and installation.

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