There are many strategies for saving energy in your Naples, Florida, home. However, implementing such strategies can be a hit-or-miss venture without a clear understanding of your home’s needs. For example, many homes have attic insulation, but some have outdated materials or inadequate amounts for the design of the home and the regions in which they are located. Others are already properly insulated and don’t need any additional material. The best way to obtain solutions that adequately address your exact needs is to schedule a professional home evaluation.

A Comprehensive Overview of Energy Usage Patterns

An energy audit is an evaluation of your HVAC equipment and various features in and around your home with a focus on energy efficiency. A blower door test is used to determine where your home is losing air. Leaks that develop in windows or doors can be easily identified this way. Thermographic imaging can be further used to identify those areas through which your home loses energy. Your home’s insulation is also evaluated in the attic and walls. Further, the HVAC system is evaluated for efficiency and to identify leakage problems in the ductwork.

Professional Insight for Improved Efficiency

The results of a home energy evaluation allow your HVAC professional to make specific suggestions for improving energy consumption. For example, seasonal system maintenance can help to improve the performance of your system, so that you save more energy. Duct sealing can reduce energy loss for heating and cooling by 20 percent or more. Air sealing and adding insulation can reduce energy bills by an estimated 10 percent annually. Rather than guessing at the best steps to take, you can make an informed decision about your next energy management projects because of the objective information obtained through a home energy evaluation.

Working with a Participating Contractor

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