Water source heat pumps are a sustainable renewable energy solution that uses flowing or static water as their heat source. Their efficiency and lower carbon footprint have seen them gain popularity in the recent past.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a water source heat pump:

High efficiency
Compared to other heat pumps, they have a relatively high-energy efficiency with their Coefficient of Performance averaging at 5. Essentially, this means that every unit of electricity delivers 5 units of heat.

Quieter and long lasting
Unlike other heat pumps, water source heat pumps are quieter and last longer. Also, they are easier to maintain and service.  Their low noise level is also a plus for individuals who fancy a much quieter environment. The lower maintenance cost makes them a more economical option compared to their counterparts.

Lower carbon footprint and energy consumption
Water source heat pumps require a small amount of electricity to perform. The remaining energy comes from the natural heat present in the water source. Further, by using electricity from renewable resources means that their carbon footprint is lower compared to other heat pumps.

Lower energy cost
Water source heat pumps require a lesser power to run. This translates to lower household energy costs, which subsequently saves you more money. If you are looking for a cost-efficient heat pump, they are your best bet.

Easier to install
Water source heat pumps are easier to install compared to ground-source heat pumps. Unlike them, water source heat pumps do not require any deep excavations to install.

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