As the temperatures spike and AC systems start running harder, people start looking for every way possible to save on energy bills. One of the most common suggestions people give is shutting vents in rooms you do not use. Is this concept really true? Here are some things you need to know about the idea of lowering your energy costs by shutting off vents.

Closed Vents Don’t Make Your AC System Work Less

To see if you can really save money with this method, it is important to understand how an AC system works. It turns out that it produces the same amount of air no matter how many vents are open because the typical residential AC does not have a variable-speed blower. This means you spend the same amount of money regardless of whether your vents are open or closed.

You May End Up Damaging Your System With Closed Vents

Closing vents in unused rooms all the time is not just unnecessary; it can actually cause problems. With vents that are closed all the time, your AC motor will run harder because it is trying to maintain correct airflow while there is higher pressure placed on various vents. This can lead to air leaks, duct leakage, dead compressors, and other problems for Naples residents.

There Are Other Ways to Save Money

If heating and cooling bills concern you, there are other more effective ways of cutting costs. Consider switching to a newer, energy-efficient system or getting regular maintenance to make sure your AC unit is running as efficiently as possible.

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