Maintaining a dust free home in Marco Island, FL, can seem like a labor intensive task. You can use sprays, microfiber cloths and the vacuum cleaner to remove it from every part of your home. You can use the HVAC system to help you reduce the amount that accumulates inside the home. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. is ready to help you accomplish this. 

Cleaning the ductwork on an annual schedule removes dust and other contaminants that build up during the year. If the material is not removed, bacteria, mold or fungus can grow. This is sent out into the home by airflow from the HVAC system. When it is removed, there is nothing coming out of the vents but clean air.

Having the ductwork cleaned and maintained is not an extravagance. The technician can identify and repair leaks that cause the HVAC system to work harder. These increase your energy costs and cause damage to both the attic and home. The moisture in the air is absorbed by the insulation, wood and roof decking. 

Try limiting opening the windows to days when the wind is not blowing. Windy days allow dust to blow inside the house. Non-windy, mild-temperature days are the best times to open a window for cooling. Remember to turn the HVAC system off so you are not wasting energy. 

Every month, clean or replace the HVAC system’s filter. This traps the majority of the dust from entering the ductwork system. If your system has filters in the vents or grilles, change or clean them every month as well. This allows the air to flow freely through the system. 

Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. can clean or repair your ductwork. They can also maintain your HVAC system in the spring and fall to lower energy costs in your Marco Island, FL, home.