People who rent apartments in South Florida are rarely called upon to evaluate their use of energy. What is surprising, is that while you are renting, you have an opportunity to lower your electric bills and stay even cooler during your beautiful vacation along with Gulf Coast. Bonita Springs renters,we have put together the following energy saving tips to make your vacation even more enjoyable, and save some cash for more fun in the sun.

General Tips for Energy Efficiency

  • Check for drafts – One of the best ways to save money in your apartment is to check for compromises in your unit’s envelope. Your apartment should be completely sealed against drafts and breezes. You may need to apply caulk or sealer around your windows, put draft guards on your doors and install gaskets on your electrical outlets to complete this task.
  • Adjust your water heater – Even though air conditioning will be your largest electrical expense, you can save money by adjusting your water heater to the lowest temperature that is still comfortable for you.
  • Use fluorescent light bulbs – Now that compact fluorescent bulbs are so readily available, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be used in all of your lighting fixtures. You will have to pay the upfront cost of the bulbs, but they last for several years, and you can take them with you when you move. According to Energy Star, the average savings for using these bulbs is $65 per year.
  • Install blinds or shades – Many apartments already have blinds, but if not, you can install shades or curtains to protect your rental home from the blaring sun. For the best results, they may have to be adjusted throughout the day.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use – Consumer electronics account for 15 percent of the average home’s energy usage. Many electronic devices will stop using electricity just by turning them off, but others need to be unplugged.

Energy Efficiency and Air Conditioning

In most apartments, air conditioners use more energy than any other appliance, so it only makes sense to focus your energy-saving efforts on your AC system. If you have any say over the air conditioner in your apartment, you should make sure it is the right size to cool your space. If your system is too large or too small, it will work inefficiently.

You should also replace the filter in your HVAC system on a regular basis. Most filters need to be changed every one to three months, and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Your apartment manager may even provide them free of charge. Finally, you can install a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust your air conditioner to the ideal temperatures during the times when you are regularly at home and away from home.

Air Conditioning Contractors

Air conditioners are responsible for the majority of your energy bills during the summer, and when you are a regular Bonita Springs renter, it becomes a year-round expense. For further information about how to save money in your Naples, Bonita Springs or Marco Island apartment, contact Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. today.