Summer is still a few months away, but it’s not too early to think about having your cooling equipment inspected. Many homeowners suffer from high energy bills and uncomfortable homes during hot weather without realizing that a little bit of preventive care could improve their circumstances. You can get ahead of the weather by scheduling your HVAC service well in advance of hot weather.

What Is an HVAC Checkup?

Just as you have your vehicle inspected and its fluids changed periodically, you can have your HVAC equipment fine-tuned each year. This inspection includes a thorough evaluation of your mechanical equipment and other system components. You can expect the following:

  • Evaluation of thermostat settings and operation
  • Cleaning and evaluation of outside HVAC condenser unit
  • Cleaning and inspection of blower parts, indoor coils and other components of the air handling unit
  • Testing of refrigerant pressure and levels
  • Diagnosis of potential duct leaks

HVAC contractors can save their customers a great deal of time, stress and money by providing this important service. As worn or broken parts are identified and brought to the attention of a homeowner, repairs can be made before they become serious problems. Annual HVAC service can extend the life of your equipment and eliminate up to 95 percent of potential repair issues.

Saving Money Through Preventive Care

Your tune-up can whittle down your cooling costs, making it an even more important investment if your budget tends to be limited. Low refrigerant can increase your cooling costs by 20 percent or more. Dirty coils can have an equal impact on your energy bills. Annual maintenance could make a significant difference on this summer’s cooling bills, especially if you’ve never had it done before.

Regional Issues and Your HVAC Checkup

In addition to being sure that your system is operating at its best, your HVAC contractor can provide insight related to conditions observed with your equipment. Florida’s humidity, for example, can affect your indoor air quality significantly. Your contractor may alert you to the presence of mold on your indoor coils or elsewhere in your air handling unit. UV lamps can provide a defense against mold in this area, killing spores before they can infiltrate the rest of your home. Your contractor can also discuss options like supplemental air cleaning equipment. A germicidal system can trap and kill mold, bacteria and viruses, improving the quality of your air dramatically.

It’s important to realize that when your indoor humidity levels exceed 50 percent, higher levels of mold and bacteria can be harbored in the air. You may want to ask your NATE-certified technician about dehumidification units for improved moisture control during the summer months. Your NATE-certified technician can also discuss the benefits of energy recovery ventilation for improved indoor air quality without increased moisture.

Plan in Advance

Get a jump on the hot, humid Marco Island summer and schedule your HVAC service with Accurate Comfort Air Conditioning, Inc. Our NATE-certified technicians can complete your tune-up at your convenience so that the summer weather doesn’t take you by surprise.