If your utility bill has been on the increase without a corresponding rate change or a significant change in how you set the thermostat, then air leaks could be to blame for your money leaks, too. Air leaks can happen throughout the home, but are most predominant around door and window frames, outlets, vents, and cracks in the foundation. Plugging up the air leaks could plug up that hole in your budget. There are several ways that you can reduce the amount of air leaking into and out of your home.

Ways to Seal Your Home

Caulking is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to seal up air leaks. However, caulking will only be effective if you do it the right way. Learning how to caulk air leaks yourself doesn’t take long and could save you the cost of hiring a handyman. Here’s how to properly caulk different areas around your home:

  • Begin by choosing the right type of caulk for the job. The instructions on the packaging will describe what type of surface the caulk should be used on. Using the wrong type of caulk will be a waste of time and money, as it won’t adhere properly.
  • Cut the caulking nozzle at a 45 degree angle. Place the tube of caulking in the caulk gun.
  • Dispense the caulk smoothly and in a straight line over the desired surface.
  • Avoid sudden stops of the caulk, as this will make unsightly blobs.
  • Tool over the wet caulk with your finger or a foam paint brush. This helps adhere the caulk and push it into the voids to form a seal.
  • Use a damp rag to wipe off any messy areas or blobs.

Sealing Against Air Leaks

Air sealing is another way to reduce air leaks in your home. A DIY air sealing method for wintertime is to use plastic sheathing kits that adhere to windows with the use of adhesive tape and a hair dryer. Weatherstripping around doors also helps form a seal against air. For a more permanent solution, homeowners can look for a building contractor who does professional air sealing. This can be done as a retrofit or during the construction phase of building a home.

Energy Savings from Reducing Air Leaks

Sealing the air leaks reduces unwanted air exchange all year long. Your home will feel less drafty and the temperature will be more consistent. Your heating and air conditioning system will cycle less frequently, resulting in a significant savings on your utility bills.

If your home isn’t as comfortable as you’d like it to be, our heating and air conditioning service technicians offer HVAC maintenance and repair as well as advice on improving your home’s energy efficiency. For more information or to learn about our current specials, call us at Accurate Comfort Services any time.