The holiday season may be icy elsewhere, but in Naples and on Marco Island, it’s the perfect time for pool parties with friends and family. When the temperature drops, you can turn on the pool heater and enjoy the luxury of year round swimming. With the good, comes the maintenance. Your heat pump will be working overtime in cooler weather so keep on top of your service schedule in order avoid any issues during the holidays and improve your system’s performance throughout the entire winter.

Normal Heat Pump Wear and Tear

As a mechanical system works more, it can experience wear on important parts. These parts may continue to function, but stress may result in a greater amount of electricity being used as time goes on. You may not recognize any immediate changes, but over time, the pool may not heat to the degree you desire, or it may take longer to reach the desired temperature. Heat pump service can be scheduled to counteract this normal decline in efficiency. Your technician can inspect all parts, cleaning as needed and making recommendations for part replacement if necessary. Parts to be inspected include:

  • Coils – dirt collection can impede the heat exchange process needed to heat your pool, and coil cleaning can counteract this loss of efficiency.
  • Refrigerant – a leak in your refrigerant lines can result in less efficient heating. This can also create stress for the compressor.
  • Compressor – the unit can be inspected for wear and function.
  • Heat exchanger – because the heat exchanger can be affected by your pool’s chemistry, it should be inspected for corrosion and deposits. Cleaning is important, but replacement may be warranted in extreme cases.
  • Switches and other electronics – function can be affected by a failing part, making careful diagnostics an important step in ensuring proper seasonal operation.

Heat Pump Repair

Those times of heavy activity can be the most stressful for your pool’s heat pump, and a system failure may occur at an inopportune time. If you are facing a heat pump repair because your system won’t run or heat, you may want to check for a tripped switch at your fuse box first. Additionally, take time to notice whether any other signs of damage are present. Your repair professional will work quickly and efficiently to troubleshoot, making recommendations for part repair or system service as needed.

Heat Pump Replacement

If the operation of your heat pump has been unreliable in recent months, you may be thinking about the possibility of a heater upgrade. A unit that requires frequent heat pump repair or that fails to heat adequately may be draining your budget. In case of a system that has failed, a new unit is a necessity, and a heat pump expert can help you in deciding on the best options for your budget. The upgrade of an inefficient system may provide significant savings through better efficiency levels and fewer service calls. Accurate Comfort Services is available to address your heat pump maintenance, repair, or replacement needs in Naples or Marco Island, FL. Call our office to schedule an appointment today.