Replacing an air conditioner in Marco Island, FL, should not be a hard task. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. is an expert HVAC service company ready to help you choose the right system for your home. No matter which system you choose, regular AC maintenance will keep it running well for years.

There are different types of air conditioning systems available today. Your HVAC service technician can explain the advantages of each type for your home. These systems include:

  • Solar-ready hybrid HVAC. These units use both grid power and solar panels on the roof. You can save up to 60 percent on the utility bill with these units. This depends on the energy efficiency of the house, of course.
  • DEVAP or desiccant enhanced evaporative air conditioning. This system uses a liquid to remove moisture from the air before it travels to the air conditioner. The house’s HVAC service removes more moisture without using more energy.
  • Passive dehumidification is another wonderful technology. The HVAC service uses three separate evaporator coils to remove humidity from the air. No additional energy is needed for this process. Since drier air feels cooler, you can save even more money by turning the thermostat up. Add an Energy Star certified ceiling fan to increase your savings by making the room feel even cooler.
  • Heat recovery systems are saving money all across the country. In a regular air conditioner, the heat removed from the air is blown outside. In a heat recovery system, that heat is used to provide the house with hot water. No extra energy is used to give you a hot shower.
  • Residential zoning systems allow you to turn your home into different zones. This allows you to heat or cool the room or rooms you use at different times of the day. This system is installed by your HVAC service company.
  • Home automation controls the indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC system, security, entertainment system and much more.
  • Ductless AC systems do not require remodeling or construction for installation. They are sized to heat or cool a single room instead of the entire home.

Regular AC maintenance will keep these systems operating at peak efficiency. It also lessens the need for repairs. A service contract with an HVAC company will ensure a technician will inspect, tune or repair your system before the spring and fall seasons. You should also have your ducting system inspected, maintained and cleaned on an annual basis. This will ensure you and your family receive the best quality air possible. You can perform routine AC maintenance by changing or cleaning the filters every month and pouring bleach in the drain line of regular air conditioners. Your HVAC service technician can educate you about the best way to maintain your specific system.

In Marco Island, FL, Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. is ready twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help you choose a replacement air conditioner. They can install and provide AC maintenance for it. The right system will provide high quality indoor air and comfort for you and your family.