Are you tired of the guess and check approach to reducing your home’s energy costs. It may seem like your efforts are making minimal impact on your bills. You may even find that your bills climb in spite of your attempts to conserve. A home performance evaluation may provide you with more targeted solutions by pinpointing the issues that you can’t see. This will allow you to take more effective steps to save money.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

An energy audit involves a comprehensive study of your home’s structure, occupancy and systems to determine how efficient your home is and whether corrections can be made to improve your efficiency. There are some great online tools for assessing general efficiency of your home. However, these are based solely on factors like square footage, occupancy and your energy bills over a 12-month period. These tools aren’t able to factor in your home’s heating and cooling system, ductwork or sealing issues. However, an Energy Star certified technician can provide a professional analysis of these factors.

Your professional auditor can use specialized equipment to test the operation of your HVAC system. For example, blower doors can provide information about leaks in your structure. Infrared cameras can also be used to check for home sealing and insulation problems. A comprehensive report will allow you to decide what steps will produce the best results in cutting your energy costs.

Structural Improvements

One common way to improve your home’s efficiency is through home sealing and supplemental insulation. Getting those unseen leaks handled can reduce the energy loss that can drive your bills up. Similarly, inadequate insulation can drive up costs. Your certified auditor can evaluate the R level of your existing insulation to determine how much supplementation is needed to lower energy loss through your roof.

He may also recommend steps like using reflective coatings on the roof or exterior walls of your home. Use of white paint to deflect the hot rays of the sun can make a difference. Solar screens or insulated curtains can help with heat exchange through windows as well.

HVAC Improvements

Many professional auditors are also certified HVAC technicians. They are able to recommend appropriate duct sealing and repairs to improve energy efficiency in your system. Your ducts are responsible for nearly half of your heating and cooling costs, and leaks in your ducts can lead to extreme energy loss.

Your performance evaluation may also show that your heating and cooling system is contributing to your expenses. Old equipment operates at lower efficiency levels than modern systems. A new unit can make a huge impact in your energy costs. Regular maintenance of your AC or heat pump can also play a role in bringing your utility bills down.

Scheduling an Appointment

You can contact Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. to schedule a home performance evaluation with one of our technicians. We can also help you with all of your HVAC maintenance and repair needs.