Water-source heat pumps are becoming more popular among homeowners in the Naples, Florida, area thanks to the abundance of water in our area and the high energy efficiency of these advanced systems. Like air-source heat pumps, water-source geothermal heat pumps use the surrounding natural resources to absorb and diffuse heat in providing consistent indoor air conditioning. Here are some facts that every homeowner should know about these advanced heating and cooling systems.

How Heat Pumps Work

Traditional heat pumps and air conditioning systems use a small amount of electricity and refrigerant to extract heat from air and transfer it elsewhere:

  • During the summer, heat is extracted from the indoor air and transferred outdoors. Cooled air is then circulated throughout your home to keep your family cool and comfortable.
  • The process is reversed during the winter months to extract heat from outdoor air and to transfer warmed air to your living spaces.

In traditional heat pumps, the medium from which heat is extracted is air. Water-source heat pumps, however, use flowing water to provide or dump heat. This system can produce significant savings on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

A Water Source Is Required

As the name suggests, water-source heat pumps use a body of water as the medium for transferring and absorbing heat. Because our area of Florida is blessed with naturally high water tables, many homes in Naples are good candidates for water-source geothermal heat pumps. A well, pond or lake can also be used to provide a heat sink in summer and a heat source in winter.

Heat Pumps Are Perfect for Florida

Water-Source heat pumps work best in more extreme climates, and therefore work very well in our region with its high heat and humidity. By replacing your current system with a water-source heat pump, you can enjoy optimal comfort during every season of the year.

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