As a homeowner living on Marco Island FL, you might be wondering how your heat pump works in cold weather. Because a pump system is designed to move heat against the natural flow, it might seem confusing how this type of system can warm a home when it is cold outside. Our heating and air conditioning service technicians at Accurate Comfort Services Air Conditioning explain how a heat pump on Marco Island FL works when it is cold.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump is powered with electricity.  It transfers heat from outdoors into your home when set to the heating function.  During the summer months, a heat pump works in reverse to move thermal energy from inside your home to the outdoors to provide cooling.

Heat Pumps are Efficient in Mild Climates

Because heat is being moved rather than generated, heat pumps can use considerably less energy than other HVAC technologies.   But, a conventional heat pump optimizes heat output at 47 degrees.  At temperatures below that a conventional heat pump will not be able to draw enough heat from outdoors to reach a set point in the 70’s.  A heat pump can be equipped with heater strips that kick in when the weather is extremely cold.  It is called emergency heat and your thermostat indicates when it is being used.

Effects of Cold Weather on Heating Systems

When the outdoor temperature drops below the point at which the pump can transfer the maximum amount of heat, the system becomes less efficient. If the temperature reaches the point where the system can only produce 60 percent of its maximum, the system will switch on the auxiliary heating functions. In most systems, this consists of indoor coils that operate on electricity. Some homeowners choose to install a gas furnace as a backup to the pump. In mild climates such as Marco Island, temperatures will rarely drop low enough to require the backup heating function. 

At Accurate Comfort Services Air Conditioning, we provide preventive maintenance, repairs and expert advice about heat pumps. By helping homeowners understand how a heat pump on Marco Island FL functions during cold weather, we hope to ensure the best level of indoor comfort possible during the winter months. As your local heating and air conditioning service company, we seek to assure your complete satisfaction with our HVAC advice, products and services. If your heat pump experiences a problem or your home is not as warm as you would like it to be, call our service technicians at any time. We look forward to helping you enjoy a comfortable indoor climate this winter.