HVAC rooftop units are often found on the roofs of malls, office buildings, retail stores and more. These are the workhorses that keep clients and employees comfortable. They also take a lot of wear from Mother Nature. Like any other HVAC unit, a rooftop unit needs to be maintained for year-round comfort. Having your rooftop unit serviced by an HVAC professional will ensure the unit is running efficiently, head off potential breakdowns, prevent loss of business operations, extend the lifespan of the unit and save money on utility expenditures.

Common Problems with Rooftop Units and Professional Maintenance

The most common problem with rooftop units generally involves airflow. This is usually a result of a blower problem or may be restrictions in the ductwork network. Second on the list is electrical problems. Issues often arise with bad contactors, thermostats or fuses if the unit is not maintained. The third most common problem is problems with the refrigeration cycle, such as metering devices, compressors and leaks. To prevent problems with rooftops units, industry professionals recommend regular maintenance on a quarterly basis. The unit should definitely be serviced before the colder months roll in. During a service visit before the cool season, technicians arrive with a long maintenance checklist of items to check and tasks to perform. Here’s a list of some of the preventive maintenance tasks performed:

  • Tension, alignment and condition of belts are inspection and adjusted if needed.
  • Motor bearings and shaft are lubricated.
  • Electrical wiring and connections are cleaned and tightened as necessary.
  • Blowers, motors, coils and drain piping are cleaned.
  • An operation check is performed, and adjustments on controls are made.
  • Air filters are replaced.

To help business owners and building managers keep their rooftop units operating in good condition during all year, HVAC contractors offer affordable preventive service plans and seasonal tune-ups. Dollar for dollar, both are wise investments. Businesses save money with less repairs and greater energy efficiency.

Commercial Heating Services at Accurate Comfort Services

At Accurate Comfort Services, we offer service maintenance plans and tune-ups for commercial rooftop units. In addition, we carry and install qualify rooftop units that deliver excellent energy efficient and indoor comfort. If you haven’t had your unit prepped and primed for the winter yet or are in the market for a new unit, be sure to give the experts at Accurate Comfort Services a call. We offer discounts on select equipment along with low-interest financing plans.