If you are noticing unusual sounds from your HVAC system, you may wonder whether heating or AC repair services are warranted. While this may be the case, some early diagnostics may save you the trouble and expense of calling an HVAC contractor. In some cases, new sounds can be identified and corrected on your own. In others, you will want to call your service company right away to ensure that you don’t suffer serious damage to your equipment. Note the type of sound and its location as you consider how to proceed.

Airflow Changes

If your unusual sounds indicate that a change in airflow has occurred, you may be able to rectify the issue with a simple filter change. When your AC or heating equipment is operating, you may notice the sound of air moving into the air handling unit and out of your vents. A restriction may cause the sounds to become louder or shrill. Check your filter first.

A dirty filter is one of the most common causes of problems with heating and cooling equipment, and it should be changed prior to the onset of seasonal heating or cooling activity. A clogged filter can prevent air from moving through your home, and the change in sound may be accompanied by poor airflow from vents. Make sure that your air filter replacement has a MERV value of no more than 12 as higher efficiency filters can cause pressure drops.

Additional issues to check if airflow sounds seem to be different include:

  • Registers – blockages in registers can restrict airflow.
  • Ducts – leaky ducts can lead to reduced pressure in your airstream. These must be inspected and repaired professionally if this is the source of the noise.
  • Indoor coils – dirty coils can restrict the movement of air in your home and require professional cleaning during a system tune-up.

Vibration of Large System Components

Clunking or vibrating noises may indicate that a large unit has moved. Supports for the outside unit of your AC could be loose. Mounts for a blower motor or other large system component could rust or loosen, leading to the possible movement of the larger part. You can make a visual check of the area where the noise is noted, but adjusting interior parts may require the assistance of an HVAC contractor.

Grinding, Whining and Rattling

Mechanical issues are more serious, signaling potential problems with critical components. A seized compressor could be quite costly. Your blower motor could be a source of such sounds inside your home. Rattling sounds in your furnace may indicate failure of important heating components. All of these issues are serious enough that a professional service call is warranted. If related changes in your system performance haven’t yet occurred, you may be able to limit potential damage by acting promptly.

Accurate Comfort Services can assist with diagnosing sounds at your outside unit, air handling unit or in ducts. We work promptly to help our customers in Marco Island, FL, achieve optimum comfort control throughout the year. Contact our customer representatives for your preventive or emergency service needs.