If your household is like many in the nation, you and your family members may be breathing dirty indoor air. The air inside your home can be much more polluted than the air outside. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air can be up to 200 times more contaminated than outdoor air. However, there are a few steps you can take to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Run the HVAC System

Running the air conditioner improves the quality of the indoor air by removing moisture from the air. Many allergens are water-soluble and rely on a humid environment to survive. By running your AC unit, you can remove the humidity and the water-soluble allergens, as well as keep your home cool and comfortable.

Change the HVAC Air Filters

Keeping your air filters clean is a simple task you can do to improve your home’s air quality. Change your HVAC filters at least every 30 days during periods of heavy use. The HVAC filter is your home’s first line of defense against airborne allergens. Opt for filters with a higher MERV rating to capture smaller particulates for more effective air purification. An additional benefit of keeping your air filters clean is that clean filters also reduce the load on your AC unit. Save money in energy costs and keep your AC unit running for years to come by regularly cleaning or changing your filters. Additionally, you should also have your ductwork examined for leaks on a regular basis. If you have leaks in your duct system, contaminants can seep into the home with conditioned air. Many professionals recommend having your ducts inspected every three years.

Ventilation and Exhaust Fans

A significant amount of the contamination of the air in your home comes from household cleaners and beauty products. Use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions in your home. If you or your family members use aerosol sprays and other chemicals in the bathrooms, turn on the exhaust fan to extract the pollutants from the air. When you paint, be sure to open windows and create a cross-ventilation system to quickly rid your home of VOCs and other toxic pollutants.

Install an Air Purifier

To ensure clean air year-round inside your home, install a complete air purification system. Accurate Comfort offers Carrier whole-home air purification systems. Accurate Comfort is proud to be a Carrier factory authorized dealer. All of our skilled technicians are NATE and factory certified. When you partner with Accurate Comfort to install your whole-home air purifier, you can rest in the knowledge that you are in the company of the most experienced, honored name in the business.

Carrier offers a wide selection of purification systems, including the Infinity series air purifier, the Comfort EZ Flex system and the Performance series system. Schedule an appointment with an Accurate Comfort Services air quality specialist to evaluate your options for a whole-home solution. We serve the greater Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Springs metro areas.