“How do I look up my AC warranty?” is one of the most common questions that our technicians receive calls for when a customer has concerns about the current state of his or her air conditioner unit. The short answer is that almost all manufacturers offer some type of basic warranty on their equipment. However, this warranty typically lasts for five years, and it only covers the parts. The compressor on your air conditioner also comes with a separate warranty.

If you’re concerned about the warranty on the labor, the manufacturer is not responsible for that. Each manufacturer usually requires HVAC companies to sign an agreement requiring them to provide at least a one year warranty on the labor of the equipment.

How Do I Look Up My AC Warranty?

Before you contact your local HVAC contractor or the manufacturer of your air conditioning unit regarding the validity of your warranty, you will need to gather some information. Locate the serial and model number, which helps identify your equipment. This information can be found on your original warranty or on the equipment itself if you lost your warranty. You should also have the date of installation information on hand. If you’re looking for basic warranty information provided by the manufacturer, locate the manufacturer’s website and enter your unit’s serial number into the specified field under the warranty section of the website. You can also contact a local, experienced dealer for assistance in determining your warranty coverage.

Are You Maintaining Your AC Unit?

Many manufactures are requiring homeowners to have an air conditioner maintenance check once a year from their local HVAC company. If this is a requirement by the manufacturer and you are not keeping up with it, then there is a possibility that your AC warranty will be voided. Preventative air conditioner maintenance helps reduce the occurrence of costly AC repairs by making sure your system is tuned-up, clean and running efficiently.

For a peace of mind, make certain that you choose a quality product, and have it installed by an experienced, professional heating and air conditioning company that you can trust. If your product requires you to register it, then make certain that you do so before the registration deadline ends. This simple task could extend your standard warranty period an additional five years.

If you are still unsure of your warranty for your AC unit, contact us today. At Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., our technicians are factory trained, NATE Certified and some of the friendliest professionals you will ever meet. We provide services for everything from AC repairs to installation services.