A measurement for humidity provides information about the amount of moisture or water vapor in your home. Too much or too little humidity can create a variety of problems for your family and home. Everyday activities such as bathing, laundry, cooking and cleaning also contribute to your home’s humidity. You can do a visual inspection for indications of high humidity levels. Mold, mildew, condensation of windows or mirrors and wet stains on walls or ceilings are all signs of high humidity levels. Increased static electricity shocks or sparks are signs of too little humidity. For a more precise measurement of humidity levels in the home, purchase a hygrometer at your local hardware store. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and the device will give you a reading of the relative humidity level in the home.

What Should the Humidity in My Home Be?

According to the EPA and other environmental experts, a good indoor humidity level should range below 50 percent in the summertime and between 30 to 40 percent during the wintertime. Humidity levels below 30 percent are too dry and can lead to sore throats, coughs and dry nasal passages. Humidity levels above 50 percent are likely to lead to dust mites and cause mold, bacteria and fungus growths.

Removing excess humidity levels in the home can usually be achieved by running exhaust fans in the bathrooms, opening a window or using a dehumidifier. For excessive levels, dehumidifiers are the best option. With the heating system running a lot during the colder seasons, it’s not uncommon for humidity levels to be low. This can make the home too dry, and installing a whole-house humidifier to the heating system or using a humidifier is typically an effective solution.

What is a Humistat?

Humistats are electronic devices often found on humidifiers and dehumidifiers. These devices are similar to thermostats but respond to relative humidity instead of temperature. Some humidistats have hygrometers built in. These devices help control the circulation of air in a home and can be placed on ducts or walls. Specifically, humistats sense humidity levels in the space and turn humidifiers and dehumidifiers on and off as needed.

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