The cool, crisp air of fall has arrived, which means now is the time to get your home ready for the upcoming cooler weather. When making that fall chores list, don’t forget to include an HVAC system cleaning. Heater cleaning and maintenance help to ensure that the heating system will be ready to perform when that cool weather arrives at your doorstep.

Why HVAC Cleaning Is Important

A home heating and cooling system that is filled with dirt and dust doesn’t perform as well as it should. It can also become a safety and health hazard if the debris affects the way the natural gas is combusted and the wastes are ventilated out of the home. A professional cleaning keeps the entire system clean and in proper working order. Cleaning of the motor and fan also improves the unit’s efficiency and overall performance, resulting in a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

What Heater Maintenance Includes

A professional heater maintenance and cleaning visit includes a top to bottom inspection of the entire system. This service also includes:

  • Checking belts for signs of wear and replacing as needed.
  • Cleaning the ignition, housing, thermocouple, pilot housing, motors, and fan blades.
  • Inspection and cleaning of the flue and other ventilation components.
  • Cleaning or replacement of the air filter.
  • Cleaning of the air handler.
  • Inspection of fuel supply and electrical power connections, cords, and wiring.
  • Checking for carbon monoxide gas leaks.

Reasons to Schedule HVAC System Cleaning Before Winter

Now is the ideal time to schedule HVAC system cleaning. As winter approaches, more people will be in need of HVAC service and there will be fewer convenient appointment times available. Getting a professional cleaning of the furnace now also helps to ensure that the heating system will be in proper working order in case the cold weather arrives earlier than expected. A cleaning and maintenance visit can also detect signs of problems, which gives a homeowner time schedule repairs before they worsen or cause a serious health or safety issue.

While heating and air conditioner repair and maintenance are often overlooked during the busy fall season and winter holidays, these services are essential to your health, comfort, and well-being. A properly maintained furnace costs less to operate and can last for 25 years or even longer. For more information about our current service specials or to schedule a system cleaning or maintenance visit, give our team at Accurate Comfort Services a call any time.