How often air filters should be changed is one of the most common questions that our HVAC technicians receive. Air filters are one of the most important parts of a heating and air conditioning system. Not only do they affect the system’s performance, but they also have a direct impact on the indoor air quality of your home. Keeping up with changing your air filters this season will benefit your comfort, budget, and health.

How Often to Change Air Filters

During the chilly winter months, your heating system is likely to be running at some point. With each cycle of the system, a little more dust, dirt, and other debris is drawn into the system and collects on the filter. For the best results, check the filter for buildup each week and replace the filter at least every 30 days. Continue this process so long as the heating system is in use.

How Dirty Air Filters Affect Your AC System

When the pores of the air filter are filled up and clogged with dust and dirt, the conditioned or heated air isn’t able to pass through as easily. As a result, the heating and air conditioning system will have to cycle more frequently in order to reach the temperature you have set on the thermostat. The frequent cycling will quickly lead to unnecessarily high utility bills. Once the air filter is full, those dust and dirt particles will have nowhere else to go but into the air that your family breathes. Your family and guests could experience an increase in allergy or asthma symptoms as well as other respiratory problems. You might also find that more dust builds up on the surfaces of your home, resulting in the need for more frequent housecleaning.

What Dirt Does to Your Heating and Cooling System

As unfiltered dust and dirt builds up within your heating and cooling system, the motor may lose lubrication, causing it to work less efficiently. If enough lubrication is lost, the motor may overheat and fail. Dirt buildup can also cause the thermocouple, thermopile, burners, and pilot to malfunction. This may result in the heating system not turning on and necessitating an emergency repair.

Changing your air filters is not a complicated or costly task. You can do this for yourself by sliding out the old filter and sliding a new one into its place. Our heating and air conditioning service team can also do this for you during a tune-up service or any time that it’s needed. For more information about how dirty air filters affect your heating and cooling system or to learn more about our current maintenance specials, give us a call any time.