A mild winter climate makes it possible to keep your swimming pool open in Naples, FL, through even the coolest conditions. December and January temperatures can take your swimming pool water to temperatures that may be a little too chilly for comfort. If your pool heater isn’t quite meeting your needs you may want to consider an upgrade. However, there are some important factors to consider first.

Types of Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters come with many options today. You can consider various fuels and system designs, and your budget may play the biggest role in your decision. There are three primary fuel sources:

  • Electricity – this may be one of the most versatile options. With the right system, this can actually be a high-efficiency choice as well, especially if you select a heat pump. If your home is not outfitted with natural gas lines, then electricity is one of the only options.
  • Gas – an efficient fuel choice for heating your swimming pool, gas also allows you to control timing for heating activity. This type of system tends to be one of the most popular choices for heating a swimming pool, and modern models tend to offer much improvement in efficiency in comparison to older units.
  • Solar – because solar energy doesn’t cost anything, this is an option that can keep your heating costs down. However, solar equipment can be more expensive. Additionally, “Best Places” says Naples residents can expect an average of 264 sunny days each year. Although Florida is the sunshine state, cloudy days could affect the operation of a solar pool heater at times.

Heat Pump vs. Immersion Heating

A heat pump model circulates water out of the pool and through a heating system. Water is filtered as it circulates, also contributing to the cleanliness of the pool. An immersion heater is placed directly in the water, using electricity to heat the water in the pool. A heat pump is the more efficient choice, but an immersion unit may be a good choice in Florida communities where winter temperatures are not significantly low. Pricing of immersion units tends to be lower than for heat pump models, an issue that may affect your decision if your budget is limited. If you use an immersion heater in tandem with a pool cover, you may minimize your energy usage even more. A pool cover can help in retaining heat so that minimal heating is necessary when the pool is in use.

Pool Heater Efficiency vs. Convenience

In many cases, efficiency is a high priority because extensive operation of heating equipment can cause utility bills to climb. In other cases, the convenience of consistent temperatures over the cool weather months can be the primary interest. The experts at Accurate Comfort Services will provide you with the most efficient and the most affordable options at the best prices. We are also available for repairs and other warranty services on your pool heater throughout the year. Call today to discuss your needs.