When the air conditioner is running but the house just isn’t getting cold enough, it suggests that something is wrong somewhere in the cooling system. Whether the air conditioner cuts on and off frequently or there is only hot air blowing out of the air vents, the issue requires prompt attention from an experienced professional. This guide by our technicians at Accurate Comfort Services will assist you in troubleshooting the air conditioner and prompt you when to call for service.

Reasons Why Air Conditioners Aren’t Cold Enough

Air conditioners are complex pieces of equipment. Any single one of these issues could result in the unit not cooling as much as you want it to.

  • Low coolant level
  • Extreme outdoor heat
  • Very high indoor or outdoor humidity
  • Improper thermostat setting
  • Obstruction in the air vents or air ducts
  • Dirty air filter
  • Insufficient capacitor functioning

Other Problems that Cause Ineffective Cooling

In addition to malfunctions of the air conditioning equipment, other factors may come into play to result in a house that isn’t cool enough:

  • Improper load calculation for the amount of cooling needed in the home
  • Improper air conditioner sizing
  • Heat being generated elsewhere in the house, such as from the oven, dishwasher or clothes dryer
  • Air leaks around windows and doors allow hot air intrusion
  • Poor insulation allows heat radiation from attic into living spaces

What To Do About an Ineffective Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner is not cooling as effectively as you desire, there are a few things you can try before calling for assistance:

  • Check the thermostat settings.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Open and clean all the air vents.
  • Cease using any heat generating appliances until the house cools off.
  • Caulk any air leaks around doors or windows.
  • Add insulation to the attic.

Poor performance of the cooling system is a frustrating experience. In some cases, a repair or a new AC installation might be needed to remedy the situation in your Marco Island, FL, home. With care, diligence and accuracy, our team at Accurate Comfort Services will work to ensure your home is as cool as you want it. Give us a call any time for professional assistance.