Weatherization of your Bonita Springs home may seem like a good idea, but it is important to approach the task with some insight about your home’s usage patterns to ensure that your efforts will actually make a difference. Common steps such as sealing leaks and adding attic insulation are helpful, but taking these steps when they aren’t necessary could waste your time and money. Investing in weatherization products and services that are needed will maximize your return on such actions, allowing you to focus more of your time and resources on more interesting pursuits.

Start With a Home Energy Audit

An energy audit can provide helpful insight into structural issues that are leading to problems such as high energy bills and poor comfort levels. As your energy auditor evaluates factors such as your HVAC equipment, home envelope, and current weatherization features, solutions can be recommended to help mitigate those high energy bills that seem to eat away at your budget. Energy experts indicate that home energy audits are ideal for facilitating a cost-effective approach to weatherization.

Develop a Strategy for Improved Energy Performance

The high-tech equipment used by an energy auditor allows for even difficult-to-detect issues to be identified in connection with your home’s energy waste patterns. Rather than a guess-and-check approach to weatherization, you can plan for specific actions based on your auditor’s recommendations. Attic insulation and air sealing may be part of the plan, but your auditor will also help you to address unseen issues such as leaky ducts or damaged HVAC equipment. Additionally, your energy auditor may provide ideas for mitigating energy loss issues through renovations and decor adaptations such as:

  • Window treatments – by changing your window shades, draperies, or blinds, you may be able to decrease heat gain during the summer months.
  • Windows – high efficiency windows may be warranted due to their ability to decrease heat gain during the warm months in Bonita Springs.
  • Landscaping – planting shade trees in certain areas may help to reduce heat gain at the hottest times of day during summer months.
  • Exterior color choices – light colors tend to reflect the sun’s rays, potentially limiting heat gain and improving your home’s energy performance.
  • Green roofing – a green roofing system can reduce energy loss and potentially decrease your home comfort costs.

Don’t Neglect Your HVAC Equipment

Although weatherization of your home can lead to better use of energy and reduced utility bills, you need to recognize that proper care of your heating and cooling equipment is a priority as well. Weatherization will do little for your family’s budget if you don’t remember to have your equipment inspected and adjusted prior to seasonal heating and cooling needs. The efficiency loss attributed to normal use of your HVAC system can be 5 percent or more, and a tune-up allows for contributing factors to be identified and corrected.

The Accurate Comfort Services team is available to provide a home energy audit at your convenience. We can also schedule a system tune-up as needed. Call our Bonita Springs office to schedule your appointment today.