You wouldn’t take a long road trip without making sure your car is in top shape, and your HVAC should get the same treatment. Just like you wouldn’t want to break down in the middle of nowhere or run out of gas, you also don’t want your HVAC to stop working on the hottest day of the year or use more electricity than needed. To make sure it’s ready, you need to schedule preventive maintenance before the summer starts.

Why Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Service

There are three money-saving benefits to scheduling an AC tune-up:

–Reduced repairs: Most HVAC maintenance repairs are needed because moving parts wore out over time and the problem wasn’t found soon enough. During a preventive maintenance visit, your technician will check to make sure all parts are in top shape or suggest small fixes that will prevent a bigger problem down the road.

Energy savings: Each small problem, such as a dirty filter, faulty part, or dirty blower fan can reduce your HVAC’s efficiency by a few percent. With summer electric bills running in the hundreds of dollars, that’s like paying a few dollars per month to have a problem with your HVAC.

Longer system life: By keeping your HVAC in top shape, you’ll go longer before major parts start wearing out and you need to choose between expensive repairs or installing a new AC.

Best Times to Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Service

The best time to schedule routine HVAC maintenance is before peak season. For Southwest Florida homeowners, you may want to make it a goal to have your tune-up done by the end of April before temperatures are constantly above 80 degrees. By scheduling early, you get three main benefits:

–Increasing your HVAC’s efficiency before cooling season starts means you save money all season.

–The early bird gets the worm or, in this case, the best appointment times. Demand for repairs and new installations are lower in early spring, so more technicians are available.

–Off-peak pricing for routine visits in the spring is much cheaper than an emergency visit during the dog days of summer.

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