As a homeowner in Marco Island FL, you may be tired of opening your monthly utility bills only to find the amount due increases month after month. With the hot and humid summer weather soon to arrive, you may be wondering how you can save money yet stay cool in your home. Our Air conditioning repair and installation technicians offer these tips on saving money while keeping cool in your Marco Island, FL home.

Daily Activities
Your daily activities cause the temperature and humidity level in your Marco Island FL home to increase. In addition, daytime energy rates are often higher than rates for energy used during the evening and overnight hours. Running your dishwasher at night avoids heating your home while you are awake and saves money by taking advantage of lower nighttime energy rates. Limiting the length of showers, minimizing the number of loads dried in your clothes dryer and avoiding cooking in your oven are more ways to save money while keeping your home cool.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
By taking the time to do maintenance on your air conditioning system, you can save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy costs. Cleaning or replacing the air filter in your Marco Island, FL home’s air conditioner is a simple and inexpensive way to increase your air conditioning system’s efficiency. Our air conditioning repair and installation technicians will do this for you during your annual maintenance visit.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation
If your air conditioning system is old or in disrepair, it is costing you an unnecessary amount of money on your utility bills. Our air conditioning repair and installation team will get your system back up to its peak level of performance or install a new high efficiency system to improve your comfort and lower your costs.