There are lots of occasions that would be perfect for a remote control thermostat. While this may have once seemed like a dream, the technology is in place to allow you that remote access to your home comfort controls today. WiFi capable equipment is the perfect option for the busy family or for the tech-savvy individual.

Benefits of Remote Control Home Comfort Systems

Remote access can benefit you at home and on the go. When you wake up on a hot night wishing that the AC setting could be just a little lower, that WiFi capable equipment can provide instantaneous relief. You don’t even have to get out of bed to make the adjustment. When you are heading home early from a business trip, you can use your iPhone or Android app to initiate the setback mode so that you arrive home to comfortable conditions.

Advantages of the WiFi Capable Carrier Infinity Thermostat

Carrier’s commitment to high levels of quality in the HVAC industry is reflected in its remote access thermostat design. The control is created to be operated with ease. Icons on the touchscreen are easy to read and manage. The iPhone and Android app integration provides easy management on the go. PC access is also possible, allowing you to check in on your home heating and cooling activity from the office. Some of the most important features of the control include:

  • Color screen with adjustable brightness for excellent visibility
  • Multiple faceplate options for coordinating with home decor
  • Integration with Ideal Humidity System and Hybrid Heat components for comprehensive comfort control
  • Real-time tracking of system energy consumption
  • Integrates with various indoor air quality products
  • Multiple days and periods of programming
  • Vacation hold options
  • Weather condition reporting
  • Filter change detection and alert
  • Compatible with system zoning
  • Provides maintenance reminders

Is the Carrier Infinity Thermostat Right for Your Home?

If you are thinking about installing this cutting edge technology in your home, it’s important to evaluate whether your equipment is compatible with the control. Your Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer is able to determine system compatibility based on your current HVAC equipment. The most effective use of the Infinity model thermostat is in connection with Infinity heating and cooling equipment. While many Carrier lines provide excellent home comfort, the Infinity line has the most advanced options for moderating humidity and temperatures precisely. The Infinity thermostat is designed specifically for use with this series of products.

Schedule an In-Home Estimate

You can contact Accurate Comfort Services to set up a consultation related to your interest in the Carrier WiFi capable thermostat. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we can help you in finding the best options for your existing equipment. If you are considering a system upgrade, we can provide you with an overview of the many high-tech advantages of the Infinity line. Contact our team to learn more.