Warm weather has arrived in Bonita Springs and it is time to freshen up your home and flush out the stale, winter air.  Take a tip from the indoor air quality professionals at Accurate Comfort Services and enjoy a healthy, beautiful Gulf Coast Spring.

Store Seasonal Items

Once you’ve decided which seasonal items to keep, it’s time to pack them away so they’ll be ready to use next year. Linens and winter clothing may need to be laundered or dry cleaned. Place these items into sealed storage containers to keep them safe until it’s time to use them again. Clean and pack away winter gear so it’s ready to use next season, too. Make a list of anything that wore out or needs to be replaced.

Remove Clutter

Winter clothing, holiday decorations and packaging from gifts might still be stacked up around your home. Sort through these items and donate or toss anything you didn’t wear or use. Recycle boxes and packaging.

As you remove clutter from your home, pay special attention to the area around your HVAC system’s vents. Be sure to keep a minimum 3-foot radius around your air handler and air vents so that the cool air produced by the air conditioner will be able to reach your living areas.

Deep Clean

During the winter, the buildup of dust makes draperies and carpets look dull. The dust may also worsen springtime allergy and asthma symptoms. Deep cleaning carpets, drapes, blinds and linens eliminates the dust and winter grime. Go through each room and clean from top to bottom. Clean out the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, too, getting rid of anything that expired, didn’t taste good or won’t be used. Dust the top of the refrigerator, ceiling fans, air vents, light bulbs and light fixtures. Wash windows, walls and cabinets. Polish silverware.

Turn Your Fan Blades

Switch the direction of your ceiling fans to counterclockwise so that the fan’s blades push the cool air toward the floor. This can reduce the workload on your cooling system.

HVAC Maintenance

Once you have had your fill of fresh outdoor air, your windows will close and the HVAC will be put into use. Schedule HVAC maintenance to flush your system free of stale, winter air, replace air filters, and prep the system for another hot, sticky summer. A springtime tune-up will boost the system’s efficiency by 15 percent or more, cutting your cooling costs and providing you with consistent comfort all summer long.

Call us at Accurate Comfort Services, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are ready to address your HVAC maintenance needs and boost your home’s energy efficiency.