Marco Island, FL, is a great place for installing a new high efficiency HVAC system. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., has models to choose from that will fit your home and budget perfectly. Since many different types of systems exist, it is wise to take some time and consider what each system is and what it would do for your home. Reducing the utility bill while keeping your home comfortable is the goal you want to achieve.

First, consider the ducting system. Before a high efficiency HVAC system is installed, have them inspected and cleaned thoroughly. Leaks in the duct walls allow moist air to escape into the attic and cause damage. It also forces the system to work harder, which wastes energy and drives up the bill.

Installing a zoning system in the ducts also works in concert with the high efficiency HVAC system to reduce energy use. The device resembles a damper that opens and closes. It also has a thermostat that is controlled by a central panel. This is set by the owner. The damper will close when the room’s occupant is gone for the day. It will open before the occupant comes back. Only selected parts of the house receive cooled air, thus reducing the energy demand.

The SEER rating of a high efficiency HVAC system should be taken into consideration. The higher the rating number is, the more efficient the unit is. Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., can help you identify the right system for your home and budget. They can also maintain and tune your current system so it will work at its best until you make your choice. In Marco Island, FL, cooling and comfort during the summer is a necessity, not a luxury. You should have the system that works best for your home and saves you money at the same time.