Having a comfortable home may take some work with some of the house’s systems. HVAC companies can help you choose a high efficiency unit to keep your home environment healthy and comfortable. Accurate Comfort Services serves the Marco Island, FL, area with dedication and pride. Their technicians will work with you to help select the right unit for your home and budget. There are three great ways to maintain a comfortable home all year long. 

The first is to hire HVAC companies to maintain your heating and cooling system. Having the air duct system cleaned and repaired on an annual basis will help your home maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather outside. Your home environment will have high air quality and lower energy bills. If your air conditioner is ten years old or older, consider having it replaced by any number of HVAC companies. Today’s units have better energy efficiency than ever. Some units hook up to solar panels so they use less grid power. This lowers the bill up to 60%. 

The second way to maintain a great home environment is to properly insulate the house. The attic, walls, windows, doors and floors all need adequate insulation. The insulation stops the infiltration of heat from the outside during the summer. It also stops heat loss in the winter; furnace air stays inside. The systems do not have to cycle on as often, thus resulting in lower bills. 

The third way to have a wonderful and comfortable home environment is to have an energy efficient water heater. There are HVAC companies that also provide water heater installation. Energy Star certified models qualify for tax rebates and incentives, saving the homeowner part of the cost of purchase and installation. Setting the water temperature at 120º gets clothes clean, cuts grease and does not burn skin. 

Your Marco Island, FL, home environment can be improved by Accurate Comfort Services. They will be happy to provide an energy audit of your home and make suggestions to help you save money.