Many Marco Island, FL, homeowners engage in holiday travel sometime between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s Day holidays. Before taking a trip, there is always plenty to do. From putting a hold on deliveries to packing and cleaning out the refrigerator, your to-do list could be several pages long. While preparing your home for holiday travel, don’t forget to add heating and AC maintenance to your list. Careful home preparations could prevent costly HVAC malfunctions and other damage to your house.

Preparing Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

The first place in your home to check before you leave is the thermostat. Reprogram or reset your thermostat to a lower temperature while you’re away. By doing this, the heating system won’t run as frequently and your utility cost will be lower. Set the thermostat to around 58 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, there won’t be a threat of frozen pipes and the heating system will still occasionally cycle. Next, check the system’s air filter. If it has not been cleaned or replaced in the past 30 days, now is the time to do so. Finally, if your heating and air conditioning system hasn’t had its fall tune-up, schedule one before your departure. A heating and AC maintenance visit will prep the system for cold weather and identify any safety hazards that could put your home at risk while you’re away.

Securing Your Home

During the holiday season, there is often an uptick in home burglaries. Thieves know that homes are well stocked with new in package gifts and other goodies. Activate your home security system and inform the monitoring company that you’re planning to be away. Contact a neighbor or family member and ask them to keep an eye on your home during your absence. Also, ask them to pick up any deliveries or put a hold onyour mail until you return. You may one to leave a couple of lamps on in your home to keep it from looking empty. Lamps use very little energy, espcially 60 watt bulbs, so they won’t run your energy bill up while you are away.

Housekeeping Essentials

The last thing you want to return home to is a burst pipe or a stinky mess in the garbage. Before leaving, empty the refrigerator of anything that might spoil. Dispose of everything in the trash cans. Take out the recycling and tidy up before you leave. This not only prevents fould odors from taking over your home while you are gone, but it also leaves you a clean and fresh home to return to. If there’s a threat of freezing temperatures, consider leaving a faucet dripping to reduce the risk of frozen and burst pipes. If you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, winterize the hot water tank, dishwasher and toilets.

Taking a few hours to prep your home before traveling for the holidays is well worth the effort. To schedule a pre-travel tune-up of your HVAC system, give our team at Accurate Comfort Services a call any time.