HVAC maintenance is critical for homeowners in Southeast Florida.  One of the most common HVAC repair items is the condenser coil. This is the device that is responsible for heat exchange within your HVAC system. The main purpose of the condenser coil is to exchange heat in an efficient matter between two mediums. Most often these condenser coils are found on the inside of air conditioners and heating systems. Although their function may slightly change depending on where they are located, the main function of the condenser coil will remain the same.

Condenser coils are most often associated with air conditioning repair or installation as well as heating repair or installation. When a trained NATE certified air conditioning repair or installation and heating repair or installation technician examines your unit they will pay particular attention to the condenser coils as they play an important part in your home’s comfort system. In a heating and air conditioning system, a chemical referred to as refrigerant is used to assist the system in cooling or warming your home. This refrigerant is then circulated throughout the system. The condenser coils is the location where the refrigerant is transformed from a liquid mixture to a gas. This gas is then pushed through the system ultimately ending up at the ventilation point. In both the vapor-compression and refrigeration cycle, the condenser coil serves as the evaporator. This process is repeated over and over to help maintain comfort within the home.

A home that has a regular plan of service for HVAC maintenance will generally not have to worry about the status of their condenser coils. However, a Marco Island homeowner who is not up to date with their HVAC repair or installation will need to pay particular attention to their coils. Contact Accurate Comfort Services for a quick, painless HVAC maintenance call and enjoy your beautiful Spring on Marco Island.