There are three types of heat pumps including water source, air-to-air, and geothermal.  They use the water, air or the ground surrounding your home to operate.  The heat between your home and the air outside is used with air-source systems. When using a geothermal (ground or water-source) heat pump, the Earth’s thermal energy is used to cool and heat your home. The geothermal is the most efficient of the three systems and is also considered the greenest type of system by the EPA.   Heat pump systems can reduce power bills by 70% and last for at least 20 years.  They are green-friendly, reduce carbon emissions and control humidity.  Consumers can receive federal and local cost reductions of up to 30% in the form of tax credits and utility rebates.  The heat pump differs from A/C and furnaces in the ways discussed below.

Heat Pumps vs. AC/Furnaces

  • More energy-efficient for moderate climates
  • Uses the natural resources from the earth to function
  • Heats your home in the winter and cools it in the summer
  • Operates on electricity instead of potentially dangerous oil or gas used by furnaces


If you have an AC unit or a furnace and are considering replacing either one,  you should look into the many advantages and benefits a heat pump system offers as mentioned above.  The major benefits include the following:

Heat Pump System Advantages

  • Reduces power bills up to 70%
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Is reliable and durable
  • Offers cost savings by receiving credits and rebates for qualifying systems

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