Commercial AC installation requires the careful consideration of many factors. Not only does the commercial space need to have the proper load calculations for proper airflow and efficiency, but the air duct design also needs to be properly structured and appropriate for the HVAC system. This includes proper locations for the return and supply registers.

Considerations for the Installation of Commercial HVAC Systems

The proper HVAC system installation includes considering available space, costs, air friction loss, noise level, airflow transfer, airflow leakage and code requirements. Having enough space to run the needed ductwork is the first priority, and there are several factors that affect space availability. Walls, ceilings, duct chase and other obstructions all take up space. In addition, light fixtures, sprinkling piping and a building’s communication systems must be given special attention. Often, large branch ducts are located in the center of the building and need more thought and planning for the installation. HVAC system design is always the main consideration.

The cost for the installation also needs to be within a company’s budget. Both height and complexity of the system determine the final cost. Companies can expect that up to 85 percent of the cost will comprise of the cost for labor. To save money, companies should inquire about the ability to modify the air duct design configuration.

It is also essential that the duct size and shape ensure the least air friction loss. Rounded ductwork has the least air friction loss, while flexible ductwork has the highest air friction loss. Ductwork that is directly routed also contributes to minimize air friction loss.

Both undersized systems and loose fittings can increase the noise level of the unit’s operation. Although dempers are installed to lower noise levels, they must be installed away from the supply and return registers. In addition, local and federal codes need to be adhered to in order to be in compliance.

Commercial AC Installation at Accurate Comfort Services

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