When rising energy bills have you searching for ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption, strategies that make your home easier to keep cool or warm are typically the most effective. Heating and cooling accounts for around 47 percent of the energy usage in the average American home, according to a report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The following tips are recommended by energy conservation experts as proven methods to lower your energy bills in every season. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy a better level of comfort in your home as well.

Consider a Home Energy Audit

Before undertaking any home improvement to improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s helpful to know which features or fixtures are the biggest energy-wasters. To promote energy conservation while ensuring that American homeowners engage qualified home audit services, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Accurate Comfort Services is a proud participant of this home energy audit program.

After an initial consultation that helps to determine your household’s current energy usage and comfort needs, auditors examine features like your home’s design, construction, orientation and level of insulation as well as the energy-consuming appliances like your heating and cooling systems. Specialized instruments such as a blower door and infrared thermography are used to identify sources of energy waste. At the end of the audit, you’ll be presented with a detailed report that includes a prioritized list of recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Top Five Energy-Saving Tips

Even the most energy-efficient household can enjoy greater savings on their monthly energy bills by implementing the following five strategies:

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat. These smart devices allow you to preset your thermostat to lower or raise temperatures automatically when you’re sleeping or away from home.
  2. Change Your HVAC Air Filter. A dirty air filter impairs air flow and forces your heating and cooling systems to run longer to keep you comfortable. The EPA recommends changing filters as frequently as once a month during summer and winter.
  3. Enroll in an HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program. Heating and cooling systems need to be regularly maintained to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Seasonal tune-ups also save you money by reducing the need for future repairs and by extending the equipment’s service life.
  4. Have Your Ductwork Checked for Leaks. The EPA reports that more than 20 percent of the air that passes through air ducts in the average American home is lost to leaks. If a professional pressure test reveals that there’s more than two-percent leakage, sealing and insulating the ducts will save you money.
  5. Know When to Upgrade. Home HVAC systems manufactured today are significantly more energy-efficient than earlier models. If your heating or cooling system is more than ten years old, you will likely save more money over the long run with a heater or air conditioner upgrade.

At Accurate Comfort Services, we’re committed to providing products and services that enhance your comfort at home while saving you money on your energy bills. To learn more about household energy management or to schedule service, contact the experts at Accurate Comfort Services today.