To keep your system running smoothly, professional heat pump maintenance is a necessity. With proper annual maintenance of your heat pump, your system will last longer and operate more efficiently in your Naples, Florida home. Spring and fall are ideal times for heat pump maintenance in preparation for the hot summer or cold winter months.

Why You Need a Professional

Specially trained, professional technicians have the skills, tools and experience to find and fix problems in your system. Look for NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technicians when scheduling maintenance. Professional heat pump maintenance should include:

  • Refrigerant. Checking and correcting refrigerant levels or leaks. Your system must have exactly the recommended level of refrigerant to operate efficiently.

  • Ductwork. Professionals will look for signs of duct leakage and repair them. Up to thirty percent of air in duct systems is lost due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts, resulting in higher energy bills and an uncomfortable home.

  • Diagnostics. A professional contractor should measure airflow through the evaporator coil, to make sure the thermostat is operating correctly and to ensure nothing is restricting the air passing over the coils.

  • Inspection. Checking for tightness and wear, lubricating motors, observing electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and applying non-conductive coating are routine parts of heat pump maintenance.

  • Service agreements. Reputable contractors will recommend service agreements to ensure maximum efficiency and catch problems early before the hottest and coldest months, when problems typically arise.

How to Help Maintain Your Heat Pump

Your technician is generally responsible for the more complex tasks, but there are somethings you can do to help to maintain your heat pump.

  • Inspect your air filter once a month and change it when it looks dirty.

  • Clear grass, leaves and debris away from the outdoor condensing unit so that it doesn’t stifle airflow and ruin efficiency.

  • Occasionally spray the outdoor condensing unit with a water hose.

  • Make sure air vents in your home are not obstructed by furniture, rugs or anything that could prevent easy and free air circulation.

To schedule heat pump maintenance for your home, please contact Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. at 239-643-3105. We are a full-service heating, ventilation and air conditioning company, committed to providing quality maintenance, repairs, and installation to residents in Naples, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs.