Air conditioners rely on many different parts to operate efficiently. When homeowners hear the word “parts,” they might think of coils, wires, condensers, and more. The air filter might become overlooked and taken for granted. Doing so would be a mistake, considering how vital the filter is.

An air conditioner can now operate without a filter, but you shouldn’t expect the air to remain clean or the unit to avoid problems if you pull your filter out of your cooling system. You AC needs a working, clean air filter at all times. Here’s why.

Dealing With Dirt and Debris

Without a filter, the air circulating through the air conditioner will bring in dirt, dust, debris, and other impurities. A lot of that debris ends up stuck inside the air conditioner and collects on essential parts. The unit might not run efficiently, which could drive up your utility bills. The strain on the various components could necessitate their replacement. Avoidable repair bills will soon follow.

Also, dirt and dust drawn into the air conditioner could circulate through the ducts. Besides making the ducts dirty, the air quality in your house could suffer. Would it not be best if the impurities stayed on the filter?

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Changing the Air Filter

An air filter cannot stay inside the air conditioner forever. At some point, replacing a dirty air filter becomes a top priority. Otherwise, the unit will run into more efficiency problems and require repair work.

Changing the filter is typically an easy task that most people can do themselves. In many cases, however, the job gets done during a routine inspection or cleaning. Homeowners can make arrangements with a top HVAC company to handle these tasks before the hot season arrives. Be mindful that the air filter may need more frequent replacements depending on the cooling system’s use.

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