The relationship between energy efficiency and home comfort is important. Many families decide to sacrifice comfort in order to reduce energy usage. Some look for alternative heating and cooling options during the winter and summer months. Some turn off central heating and cooling equipment to curb costs. While extreme measures may lead to some savings, the reality is that an investment in an efficient piece of equipment could produce both savings and better comfort options for the home.

Consider EnergyStar System Components

The EnergyStar label is an important signal for consumers. Established to help individuals make informed decisions when shopping for appliances and systems that consume energy, the label represents items that deliver outstanding features and performance while providing the ability to save significantly on operating costs. In the HVAC industry, this provides homeowners with the ability to consider the best options for improving home energy performance related to indoor comfort control.

Deciding on the Best System Components for Your Home

If you are exploring the options for your home’s comfort system, you may be somewhat concerned about the pricing for efficient equipment. However, higher energy efficiency levels lead to lower utility bills, allowing consumers to recover much of the investment in new equipment over just a few years’ time. Additionally, consumer incentives like the federal energy tax credit make it possible to curb the cost of installing new equipment.

It’s also important to note that even systems that don’t meet EnergyStar label standards provide greater efficiency levels than systems installed at least a decade ago. As government regulations and industry advances take place, consumers benefit from better performance in a variety of system choices. It’s important to work with an experienced HVAC contractor to explore the options available that will meet your budget needs while addressing the heating or cooling demands of your home.

Interventions When You Can’t Afford to Upgrade

Economic factors may make it difficult to replace your existing system right away. It’s important to remember that your equipment won’t last forever so that you can plan ahead for the eventual need to upgrade your HVAC system. However, you can take steps to improve energy efficiency, home comfort and your family’s safety. Seasonal maintenance is critical in obtaining optimum performance from your equipment.

A tune-up allows for adjustments to loose or moving parts. Fuel lines are checked for leaks in combustion equipment, and venting components are inspected and cleaned. Heat exchangers, sensors and safeties are also tested. In cooling systems, coils are cleaned. Refrigerant levels are checked as well. Each of these points can impact the efficiency of your comfort control system. In some cases, these issues being corrected can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. Duct sealing can also trim up to 20 percent from your heating and cooling costs.

If you need some help evaluating the performance of your home comfort system, the team at Accurate Comfort Services can do an energy audit to pinpoint issues. If you are ready to upgrade to more efficient equipment, we will assist in finding the best solution for your home and your budget. Contact our team for an appointment.