The Naples and Marco Island region attracts many beach lovers. However, the downside to living on the Gulf Coast is the humid environment. When moisture infiltrates a home, the result is a musty, old smell. This is especially common in older houses and those that are not properly insulated. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate these smells. One of the best options is to get an air purifier.

What Causes a Musty Smell?

Some musty smells can be easily managed with a thorough cleaning of your residence, while others require a more in-depth approach. A musty aroma inside a home typically results from one or more of the following:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mold
  • Pet urine
  • Poorly maintained HVAC system
  • Improper airflow throughout the house

Steps to Take to Eliminate Musty Smells

You should first try to isolate the source of the musty smell. Try to determine if it is mostly in one part of your home or throughout the interior space. Musty odors that are contained to a specific area typically indicate that there is a problem with the flooring. You can have it professionally cleaned, or you may need to replace it altogether. Also, look for signs of mold around the baseboards, on the ceiling, and around doors and windows. This may indicate that you have a leak in your roof. If the musty smell is throughout your house, then the source may be inside the ducts of your HVAC system, and Accurate Comfort Services can help. We will inspect your entire heating and cooling system to find the problem and make the necessary repairs.

How an Air Purifier Helps With a Musty Smell

Air purifiers are excellent at removing musty odors from a home. The filters capture mold, smoke, pollen, dander, and other sources of odors and airborne irritants. Accurate Comfort Services offers a range of residential air purifiers for homeowners in Naples and Marco Island.

Learn More About Air Purifiers

If you have a musty smell in your house, we can help. Accurate Comfort Services specializes in heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, air purifiers, commercial HVAC, pool heaters, and water source heat pumps. Call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.