Air conditioning units Super cooling is a special technique that may help you cut down on your energy bills from air conditioning. The basic logic of super cooling is that when you use your air conditioner to cool down a room, everything in the room chills. You can save money by running your AC for specified periods of time. You cannot get the full benefits of super cooling unless you are completely dedicated. You should be prepared to deal with the changes in temperature even though it may be uncomfortable at the start. If you cheat often, you may not realize the desired results. Even small ‘cheats’ may affect your plan.

Super Cooling Your Home

When you run your air conditioner, everything in your home including furniture, walls, appliances, and rugs also chill at the same time. If you keep them cool for long enough and at strategic times of the day, your air conditioning bills may reduce. You need to understand your low-cost hours depending on your provider. Do some research on the times and figures. Set up your home for a time-of-day or time-of-use savings plans.

Setting and Adjusting Your Thermostat

Once you have your plan ready, set your thermostat at 68 to 74 degrees during off-peak hours to get lower rates. Keep it running until the end of the off-peak period. At this time, you can use your appliances cheaply. If the temperatures are too low for you, try to keep warm by wearing warm clothing. You will adjust to the temperatures after a short while.

Adjust the thermostat when the off-peak period ends. The on-peak period is the period where energy costs are high. Since your home will still be cool, set your thermostat to the warmest summer temperature. It may be 78 degrees or thereabouts. If your home still feels too hot after the off-peak period, you probably did not cool it enough. Try to avoid activities that generate heat and minimize traffic.

Your home will stay cool and you will save some money. Try to buy as much power off-peak power as you can to reduce your rates even more. Super cooling could reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 50%.

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