When temperatures drop, your energy bills will rise as you start using your central heating more and more. By taking five easy steps, though, you can save yourself some money this autumn and winter.

1. Sealing Drafts

Windows and doors are notorious for letting in a draft. Rather than have warm air escape the cracks in these areas of the home, you can seal them with caulking, foam tape, or spray foam. You should also caulk the gaps in your furnace (if applicable).

2. Turning the Thermostat Down

Turning the temperature up on the thermostat does not make a heating system do its job any quicker; it simply causes the system to run longer and will drain your wallet. Keep the thermostat down at your normal temperature.

3. Programming the Thermostat

If you are frequently gone from your home, you can save energy when you’re not there with a programmable thermostat. You should also program your thermostat before any long outings. This is the more energy-efficient choice.

At Accurate Comfort Services, we install a range of heating-related products, including smart thermostats. Some of these boast Wi-Fi compatibility, giving residents of Naples, FL, the benefit of remote access.

4. Adding or Upgrading Insulation

Chances are that some areas of your home have inadequate insulation. You can add layers to the attic or an upgrade to insulation with a higher R-value, which is a higher resistance to heat flow. Wall cavities, in particular, can help you keep the home cool when they’re padded with insulation of a high R-value.

5. Replacing the Air Filter

Air filters should be replaced once a month if made from fiberglass; if they are the high-quality pleated filters, then you can replace it every three to six months. Dirty filters hinder airflow, put wear on the system, and raise the energy bills.

NATE-Certified Technicians on Staff

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