The Florida climate rarely necessitates the need for you to heat your home, but there are times when outdoor temperatures drop. Because you use your heating system so infrequently, you may wonder how it works. Here are how the four primary components of a heating system work together to keep your home warm.

1. Generate a Heat Source

The coils of a furnace are the heat source that is used for furnaces. Gas-based systems have burners that bring in some type of fuel, such as natural gas or propane. This fuel is burned to produce a flame, or pilot light. The flame then heats the coils. For electric heating systems, the electricity generates heat within the coil.

2. Warm the Air

Air is drawn in from outside as well as the interior of your home through return vents. The blower pushes the cool air across the coils of the heat exchanger. This warms the air to the desired temperature.

3. Deliver Heated Air Into Your Home

The force of the blower is strong enough to move the air through the ductwork that carries it to the vents in each room. The air is then drawn back into the return ductwork where it is pushed through the heat exchanger again. This is the continuous cycle that keeps your home at a consistent temperature when you run the heating system.

4. Remove Harmful Gases

The heat exchanger also contributes to the health and safety of your family. As heat is generated through gas or electricity, certain harmful byproducts are also created, such as carbon monoxide. These substances must be removed from your home and not be carried into the ductwork. The heat exchange separates clean air from harmful gases, and the gases are pushed through a flue vent to the outside of your home.

Rely on the Experts

Understanding how your heating system works is important information to have. Should you ever have problems with your heating system, an experienced technician can diagnose and repair the system. In Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island, you can rely on the experts of Accurate Comfort Services, Inc., in Marco Island, FL, today. We offer heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services.