If you are starting to realize that some rooms in your home are much colder than others, then you are likely dealing with an imbalanced heating and cooling system.

There might be some rooms where you find yourself forced to bundle up because of the drastic temperature difference. A number of different factors can knock a heating and cooling system off-balance, so it’s important to work with trained professionals, like those on staff here at Accurate Comfort Services, Inc. in Naples and Marco Island, FL, to address them.

Why Your System Is Not Properly Balanced

The ideal heating and cooling system will maintain a set temperature throughout all areas of your home. However, it’s not uncommon to have one or two rooms that are simply colder than the others. This certainly can happen when the weather is chilly outside, but you might also discover that some rooms cool down a lot quicker when it’s hot and you’re running the AC.

Some of the following factors can play a role in an imbalanced system:

  • A system that under powers your home
  • Adding on rooms to a home
  • Damaged, leaky or extremely dirty air ducts
  • Long runs of uninsulated ductwork
  • Poorly placed air vents

All of these problems will hurt the airflow from your system to each room.

The Problem Is Not Always an Imbalanced HVAC System

Poorly insulated rooms damaged windows, and closed vents are a few examples of some other factors that could be making one or two rooms especially cold in your home. Your system might be functioning just fine.

To find a solution fast, connect with certified HVAC professionals. They will inspect your system, determine if it is imbalanced, and, if so, provide balancing services. By adjusting the airflow throughout your home, trained technicians are able to create a more even temperature throughout the space.

Our crews are ready to take a look. Connect with Accurate Comfort Services today, and make your home more comfortable.